Best Automatic Espresso Machine Under 1000

If you want the ability to make flavorful espresso in your home, you will need to find the right appliance. The reviews in this article will help you select the best automatic espresso machine under 1000.

Our top choice is the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Maker, which features a very large 54-ounce water tank. It will also let you adjust the cup size with the press of a single button.
Before you decide on a certain espresso machine, we encourage you to check out the following products.

How We Picked The Best Automatic Espresso Machine Under 1000

As we looked into various products for our best automatic espresso machine under 1000 list, there were a few things we looked at. This includes the brewing capacity of each model. It is very important that you choose one that doesn’t require constant refilling. A large water reservoir will allow you to make coffee for everyone in your household.

We also paid close attention to the brewing consistency of these appliances. The temperature control system that each one uses will ultimately determine how useful it really is. We made a point of looking for models that offer a good variety of customizable settings as well. This ensures consistently reliable performance.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best Automatic Espresso Machine Under 1000 in 2022:

Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Jura A1 Super Automatic Coffee Machine

Gevi GECME400BA-U Espresso Machine

De'Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machine

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Maker by De'Longhi


Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

The Philips 3200 Series Espresso Machine has a fully automatic design that allows you to make four distinct types of coffee. You can make Espresso Lungo, Americano, espresso, and regular coffee. There is also an option for simple hot water.

You’ll instantly find that the touch display on this appliance has a very intuitive design that is easy to use. There are buttons for selecting which type of coffee you want, as well as numerous adjustable settings.

You can adjust the aroma strength of your coffee with the press of a button. It offers three different settings to choose from. This machine also lets you adjust the length for different cup sizes.

One of the reasons we picked the Philips 3200 for our best automatic espresso machine under 1000 list is its 12-step grinder. This allows you to achieve an ideal fineness with your coffee. You can therefore always expect smooth and delicious espresso and other drinks on a consistent basis.

The brew group in this machine can be easily removed for convenient cleaning. You will have a cleaning button on the control panel, which makes this process very easy to say the least. The AquaClean filters this appliance uses will ensure that only clean water is used to make your coffee.

If you want the perfect cup of espresso without having to leave home, this product has a lot to offer. It boasts a comprehensive but easy-to-use control panel with many programmable options. You can rely on it to produce delicious and aromatic coffee that will always match your precise needs.


  • Three different aroma strength settings to choose from
  • Adjustable coffee volume, strength, and temperature options
  • Capable of making a good variety of coffee beverages
  • Responsive and easy to use touch control panel
  • Incredibly easy to clean and maintain over time
  • 12-step grinder lets you control the fineness of your coffee


  • Milk container lid sits a bit loose


Jura A1 Super Automatic Coffee Machine

The Jura A1 is a super automatic coffee machine that can make delicious coffee, espresso, and ristretto beverages. It uses a pulse extraction process that gives you flavorful and aromatic java within just minutes.

We also have to mention the conical burr grinder, which gives you ideal fineness with every use. This allows you to make coffee exactly how you want every single time.

You can fit up to 4.4 ounces of beans and 37 ounces of water in this machine at once. It is therefore well-suited for large size households with lots of coffee drinkers.

The 15-bar pump lets you control the amount of pressure that is used when making your espresso. You can also choose from two different strength settings. This gives you the ability to customize your coffee beverages with impressive precision. The spout can also be adjusted within a range of 2.3 to 5.5 inches.

You’ll definitely appreciate the self-cleaning function that this machine offers. It will make sanitizing this appliance very easy after each individual use. You won’t have to deal with getting in and scrubbing the individual components. This is just one reason that we put this Jura A1 on our best automatic espresso machine under 1000 list.

The CLEARYL Blue filter that this appliance uses will ensure high quality espresso and other beverages on a consistent basis. These filters list a long time as well. There is an auto shutoff feature that keeps the machine from running too long for your safety.


  • Features 15-bar pump for complete pressure control
  • Adjustable coffee strength lets you get your needs met every time
  • Auto shutoff feature prevents potentially dangerous accidents
  • Self-cleaning function helps you save time and effort
  • Filters are well-designed and last a long time


  • Water reservoir is a little on the small side


Gevi GECME400BA-U Espresso Machine

The Gevi GECME400BA-U Espresso Machine has a powerful 1350-watt design that can meet all of your coffee needs. It uses a Thermoblock system to ensure quick heating. This allows you to make espresso in less time than with most other models on the market.

One of the truly special features that this appliance offers is its 20-bar pressure system. It is designed for maximum stability and impressively fast performance. You’ll be able to make aromatic coffee that tastes great with every single use.

We are particularly fond of this machine’s LED display, which features a number of icons that are illuminated for easy visibility. You’ll quickly find that the control panel has a simple, user-friendly design. This is among the reasons we included the GECME400BA-U in our best automatic espresso machine under 1000 list.

The double temperature control system offers two individual thermostats. This design lets you control the temperature of the milk foam and water for an ideal taste and texture.

You will also have a steam wand that makes it easy to use just the right amount of steam when making your espresso. The frothing wand is made of durable stainless steel and rotates 360 degrees. This versatile design will provide you with full customization with all of your coffee beverages.


  • User-friendly control panel with LED display for easy visibility
  • Steam and frothing wands let you make the perfect espresso every time
  • Offers complete control over extraction with 20-bar pressure system
  • Water tank can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Exceptionally sturdy construction will stand the test of time


  • A few customers say that it can get a little noisy at times


De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machine

The De’Longhi ESAM3300 offers 13 different grind settings for smooth and flavorful espresso that you’ll definitely enjoy. It allows you to use pre-ground coffee in the other chamber.

This machine’s manual frother makes it easy to get an ideal texture with your espresso. You’ll have full control over the steam, which goes a long way towards creating the perfect cup.

One of the reasons that the ESAM3300 made our best automatic espresso machine under 1000 list is its superb temperature control. It is designed to consistently maintain an ideal temperature throughout the brewing process. The result is delicious and dense coffee. You have the option of adjusting these settings to meet your specific needs.

Another thing that we really like about this machine is its low maintenance design. It is incredibly easy to clean without any scrubbing or other hassles to worry about.

The Cappuccino System that this appliance offers lets you adjust the steam and milk for the best tasting coffee drinks. You can always get the foam just right. Whether you are making a macchiato or latte, this is something you will certainly appreciate.

You can program your specific preferences for easier use every single time. This machine remembers the settings you choose, which is a huge convenience. It will even automatically adjust for one or two espresso shots.

The control panel is fairly straightforward and easy to use. It will provide you with adjustable settings for coffee strength, cup size, and other things.


  • Customizable temperature control for reliable performance
  • Control panel has a simple design that is easy for anyone to use
  • Manual frother lets you achieve the perfect texture for all drinks
  • Automatically adjusts to make either single or double espresso
  • Adjustable coffee strength, cup size, and other settings to choose from


  • Water tank needs to be refilled somewhat frequently


Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Maker by De’Longhi

The Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Maker has an automatic design that allows for easy and convenient overall use. You can make espresso with the press of a button. It offers four different cup sizes that can be adjusted from 5 to 7.77 ounces. It allows for single or double shots.

One of our favorite things about this coffee machine is its huge 54-ounce water tank. It can also hold 17 capsules at once. This eliminates the need for frequent refilling, which can definitely be a hassle.

You’ll find that this machine can heat up in just 15 seconds, allowing you to make your coffee faster than ever. This is a huge convenience, especially when you are rushing to get ready in the morning. It also has an automatic shutoff feature that will turn the machine off after it has been sitting idle for nine minutes.

Measuring 9 by 12.3 by 12.2 inches with a weight of 11 pounds, this appliance is fairly compact. You will therefore be able to take it with you on trips without any hassle. It is perfect to use in an RV while you are on the open road.

The simple but impressive overall design of the Nespresso Vertuo has earned it a list on our best automatic espresso machine under 1000 list. It won’t take long for you to discover just how effective and convenient it really is.


  • Allows you to make one or two shots of espresso with a single button
  • Adjustable cup size settings from 5 to 7.77 ounces
  • Huge water tank means not having to constantly refill
  • Automatically turns off after nine minutes of no use for safety
  • Water tank has removable design for easier overall cleaning


  • A few customers say that it doesn’t brew quite hot enough


Best Automatic Espresso Machine Under 1000 Buying Guide

Best Automatic Espresso Machine Under 1000

Before you can select the best automatic espresso machine under 1000, there are certain things to consider. The list of criteria below will help you select the right appliance to satisfy all of your needs.

Control Panel

When you are searching for the best automatic espresso machine under 1000, you’ll want to take a look at each one’s control panel. This will determine how easy to use these appliances are.

We recommend buying a machine that has a touch display with illuminated buttons. It should have a simple design that isn’t too complicated or overwhelming. Make sure that the buttons are responsive and can be activated without having to press very hard.

Adjustable Settings

The customizability of each machine is something else that should factor into your final decision. Keep in mind that the best automatic espresso machine under 1000 will offer a number of adjustable settings.

You should be able to set the coffee strength, cup size, and temperature to your exact preferences. This will allow you to make your espresso just how you want.

Many of these appliances also feature a manual milk frother, which makes it easy to get the perfect texture for your espresso. You might want to buy one that lets you control the pressure as well. Machines that offer a 12-bar pressure system will let you control the extraction for the most flavorful and aromatic coffee.

It is best to choose a machine that will remember the settings you choose. This will definitely help you save quite a bit of time every single day. There are some models that will remember settings for multiple people, which is very beneficial for multi-person households.

Water Tank

Take a close look at the water reservoir in each of these machines. You’ll want to buy one that has a good size tank that won’t require frequent refilling. We recommend ones that have a minimum 50-ounce water tank. You should be able to easily remove it for cleaning.

Temperature Control

A sophisticated temperature control system is something else that the best automatic espresso machine under 1000 will offer. The one you decide on will need to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the brewing process.

There are some models that have two thermostats, so you can control the amount of heat used for the milk and water separately. This will really help with making your espresso exactly how you want.
Your new espresso machine should be designed for fast and efficient heating as well. This will help you make your morning coffee as quickly as possible.


Many people forget to consider the overall construction of each coffee machine when exploring their options. You’ll find that the best automatic espresso machine under 1000 will have a solid metal body. This will help to ensure years of reliable performance with no damage whatsoever.


The size of your new espresso maker will also be something to keep in mind. If you don’t have much available countertop space, you’ll want to find a model that is fairly compact.

Take a look at the dimensions of these appliances so you can find one that will fit nicely in your kitchen. You might also want to consider the weight of these products. This will be especially important if you ever want to travel with it. A compact model can be very convenient if you have an RV or ever want to go camping.


Make sure that you pay close attention to the grinder design of each espresso machine. We recommend models that are equipped with ceramic conical burr grinders. They will help you get the smoothest and best tasting coffee on a consistent basis.

You should also think about buying a machine that has numerous adjustable grinder settings. This will let you get the perfect fineness for your coffee beverages every single time.


In order to find the best automatic espresso machine under 1000, it is important that you look at each one’s design. We recommend that you focus on models that are designed to heat up quickly and maintain a consistent temperature. You’ll also want to look into the various adjustable settings that are available. Feel free to drop a comment below so we know what you think about our list.

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