Best Italian Coffee Maker

If you want the ability to make flavorful Italian-style coffee at home, you’ll need to find the right appliance. In this article we will take a close look at some of the best italian coffee maker options available right now.

Our top choice is the LuxHaus Stovetop Espresso Maker, which has a 6-cup brewing capacity and a very sturdy steel construction. This coffee maker features an ergonomic handle that is resistant to heat. It also uses a safety valve that will keep you safe while ensuring perfectly-made espresso every time.

Before you make a final decision on a certain coffee maker, we encourage you to explore these options. Each of these appliances has a simple but impressive overall design.

How We Picked The Best Italian Coffee Maker

As we put together our best italian coffee maker list, there were several factors that we took into consideration. We started out by looking into how easy each of these appliances is to clean. Many of them have a very low-maintenance design that doesn’t require any scrubbing or even soap.

A safety valve is something else that we looked for when reviewing each of these products. This might seem like a small feature, but it is incredibly important. This valve keeps the pressure from exceeding safe levels, which ultimately prevents dangerous accidents. It also goes a long way towards making smooth and delicious espresso.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best Italian Coffee Maker 2022:

BonVIVO Intenca Stovetop Italian Coffee Maker

 Zulay Classic Stovetop Espresso Maker

Primula Stovetop Espresso and Coffee Maker

FCUS Stovetop Espresso Maker

LuxHaus Stovetop Espresso Maker


BonVIVO Intenca Stovetop Italian Coffee Maker

The BonVIVO Intenca Stovetop Italian Coffee Maker allows you to make up to 10 ounces or six cups of delicious espresso at once. It has a simple, easy-to-use design that you will have no issues with from the start.

One of the reasons we put this product on our best italian coffee maker list is its versatile design. It can be used with any type of stovetop. This model is compatible with electric, gas, ceramic and even induction cooktop surfaces. You therefore shouldn’t have a problem using it in your home.

We also like the fact that all of the interior components that make up this appliance can be run through the dishwasher. The stainless steel construction of this coffee maker is incredible durable, but washing by hand is recommended. It has a very tough design that you can really count on to last.

You’ll also appreciate the nice chrome finish of this coffee maker. It has an incredibly elegant aesthetic that will only improve the overall look of your kitchen at home.

It has a very compact design, which is perfect if you travel a lot. It will serve you well on camping trips or when travelling for work. You will find that the process of using this appliance to make coffee couldn’t be easier.

First you must fill the base up with cold water, and then put the grounds in the funnel. After you have screwed the top back on, just put the coffee maker on the heated stove. It will begin hissing once it is ready, and it’s just that simple.


  • Durable stainless steel construction will last a long time
  • Internal parts can be run through the dishwasher for quick cleaning
  • Compatible with every type of stove (including induction)
  • Incredibly simple process couldn’t be any easier
  • Can be used to make a variety of espresso drinks


  • Handle is not heat resistant


Zulay Classic Stovetop Espresso Maker

The Zulay Classic Stovetop Espresso Maker features an aluminum design that is very sturdy and resistant to corrosion. It also has an ergonomic heat-resistant handle that will give you a comfortable grip for easy pouring.

This appliance uses a pressure valve to ensure maximum caffeine extraction. You can also expect bold and delicious flavors on a consistent basis. The foam emulsion that is produces will provide you with the perfect cup of espresso every single time.

You can use this coffee maker on gas, ceramic, and electric stoves. It is specifically designed for quick and even heating, which makes it easier for you to get the best results with each use.

You’ll be able to make 32 ounces of European espresso, or 15 ounces of American-style coffee. This appliance is very easy to clean with just water. In fact, using soap could actually have a negative effect on its performance.

The compact and lightweight design of this coffee maker allows you to take it on the go with no hassle whatsoever. It offers a great solution for making delicious Italian coffee with minimal effort. This is just one of the reasons that we put this product among the best italian coffee maker options on the internet.

You can buy the Zulay Classic Stopvetop Espresso Maker in a variety of colors. Some of these options include silver, blue, black, red, and dark gray.


  • Ergonomic handle always stays cool for a comfortable grip
  • Aluminum construction is very tough and resistant to corrosion
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to travel with
  • Built-in safety valve ensures maximum caffeine extraction
  • Offers fast and even heating on a consistent basis


  • Handle is a bit flimsy


Primula Stovetop Espresso and Coffee Maker

The Primula Stovetop Espresso and Coffee Maker gives you smooth and flavorful espresso within a matter of just minutes. It has a solid aluminum construction that offers years of reliable use. You won’t have to worry about corrosion or other issues over time. This design guarantees fast and even heat distribution as well.

This coffee maker also features a flip-top style lid as well as a heat-resistant handle for safe and easy pouring. You’ll find that the built-in safety valve helps with achieving ideal extraction. This provides you with great-tasting coffee with plenty of caffeine in each serving.

One of the reasons we chose this product for our best italian coffee maker list is its easy-to-use design. All you have to do is fill the main chamber with water, put in the coffee grounds, and put it on your stove. It is definitely the easiest way to go about making rich and bold espresso at home.

Another reason that we like this appliance so much is that it’s very easy to clean. You can simply rinse out the various components in warm water. Just make sure that they dry out thoroughly before using again.

You can use this coffee maker with gas, ceramic, electric, and propane stoves. It is absolutely perfect for camping trips due to its simple and compact design. You can make your favorite coffee beverages on a daily basis with no hassle.


  • Simple design lets you make espresso in just minutes
  • Heat-free handle offers comfortable design for easy pouring
  • Compatible with a vast majority of stove types
  • Can be cleaned quickly and easily with only warm water
  • Small and lightweight design makes it great for camping trips


  • Some customers say it doesn’t work very well on ceramic stovetops


FCUS Stovetop Espresso Maker

The FCUS Stovetop Espresso Maker features special thermal insulation that retains heat impressively well. It has an ergonomic handle that is made to always stay cool, so you won’t get burned. The curved design gives a natural feel that makes pouring your coffee very easy.

One of the reasons we selected this product for our best italian coffee maker list is its incredibly tough stainless steel construction. It is designed to resist rust, so you can use it for a very long time with no problems. Even the basket and seals are made of steel.

There is a built-in valve that is designed to relieve pressure for your own safety. It also helps with making perfect espresso and other coffee beverages on a daily basis.

The 600-milliliter capacity of this coffee maker allows you to brew up to 12 cups at once. This makes it a great choice for large households and long trips.

You’ll be able to use this appliance on electric, gas, ceramic, and induction stovetops. It is also compatible with portable burners, which can be very convenient if you ever go camping.

The very simple process that is required to make coffee with this machine allows for quick and easy use every time. You will be able to make high quality espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, Americano, and other beverages. There are no complicated instructions or lots of settings to mess around with.


  • Extra-large 12-cup capacity is perfect for families
  • Made of ultra durable corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Uses a high density filter that gives you smooth and delicious coffee
  • Heat-resistant handle has a curved design for a comfortable grip
  • High quality seal and thread maintain pressure and stop leaks


  • The lid is somewhat flimsy


LuxHaus Stovetop Espresso Maker

The LuxHaus Stovetop Espresso Maker has a 12-ounce capacity that will let you make six 2-ounce cups of espresso at once. It has a stainless steel design that is designed to resist corrosion and hold up well over many years of regular use.

We also really like the versatile stovetop compatibility that this appliance offers. You can use it on electric, gas, and induction stoves. It is therefore a great choice if you enjoy going camping or traveling in general. It has a fairly compact design that makes it easy to take with you on the go.

A built-in safety valve keeps the pressure under control at all times. This prevents potentially dangerous accidents that could result in serious injury. It also helps to give you consistently great-tasting coffee with an amazing texture.

You’ll definitely appreciate this coffee maker’s pop-out dispenser, which makes cleaning incredibly easy. You won’t have to deal with any inconvenience when cleaning out this appliance. It only requires some warm water to get clean between uses.

We are very fond of the ergonomic handle design as well. It is curved and features a thermal-resistant layer to stay cool always. This will definitely make it easier to pour your morning coffee.

The tough and reliable nature of the LuxHaus Stovetop Espresso Maker makes it worth considering for best italian coffee maker. You’ll quickly find that it has a lot to offer as a whole.


  • Stainless steel construction prevents rust over time
  • Safety valve prevents dangerous accidents while brewing
  • Designed for quick and convenient cleaning
  • Curved ergonomic handle stays cool for easy pouring
  • Easy to take with you when travelling


  • Flat lid can cause coffee to spill sometimes


Best Italian Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Best Italian Coffee Maker

When seeking out the best italian coffee maker, there are certain things you will need to consider. The list below will provide you with key factors to look into as you evaluate your options.


The materials that your coffee maker is made of will definitely be something to think about before buying anything in particular. You’ll find that the very best italian coffee maker options have an aluminum or stainless steel construction. This keeps rust from forming over time, which allows you to keep using it for many years.

Aluminum coffee makers tend to offer superior heating performance as well. You will almost certainly notice faster and more even heating distribution on a regular basis. This helps you make coffee each morning without having to wait quite as long. You can always expect consistent performance as well.

You should also keep in mind that even heat distribution is essential in making delicious and aromatic coffee. Both aluminum and stainless steel models have a lot to offer though.

Make sure that you find out what all of the different components that make up model are made of. This will give you a better idea as to which ones are likely to stand the test of time.


As you attempt to find the best italian coffee maker, you will want to consider the size of each one. Take a close look at the dimensions of these appliances as well as the weight. This is particularly important if you ever go camping or travel with your family. A compact model will allow you to take it on the go without any hassle.

The weight of your new coffee maker will also affect your ability to travel with it easily. One of the reasons we like aluminum models so much is because they are usually very lightweight.

The overall size of the coffee maker will of course affect its capacity. A brewing capacity of around 10 ounces will typically give you about five cups of espresso (2 ounces per cup). If you have a big household with lots of coffee drinkers, you’ll probably want to aim for one that can make at least 8-10 cups at once.

Safety Features

There are a few different safety features that you should look out for when trying to find the best italian coffee maker. This includes a solid lid design. The lid on the model you purchase should have a lid that flips up. This type of design will help you pour easily and safely.

The handle design is something else to keep in mind as you research these products. It should have a heat-resistant design so you never get burned.

Many of these coffee makers also have a built-in safety valve that is designed to keep pressure levels under control. This will prevent potentially dangerous accidents that could result in severe injury.

Stovetop Compatibility

Make certain that you take some time to look into which types of stoves these coffee makers can be used with. The very best italian coffee maker can be used with gas, electric, ceramic, and induction stovetops.

Keep in mind that the more versatile your coffee maker is, the more likely you are to get your money’s worth. If you ever travel somewhere with it, you probably won’t have to worry about compatibility.


A low-maintenance design is always something to look for when you are seeking out the best italian coffee maker. There are plenty of different models that can be cleaned quickly and easily with just warm water.

You will find that some of these appliances are specifically designed to provide easy access to the internal components. This will make cleaning a whole lot easier.

Just because a certain coffee maker can be run through a dishwasher doesn’t mean it is a good idea. You should take a close look at the care instruction before doing this.


The very best italian coffee maker models have a well-designed filter. This particular component will have a huge impact on the texture and flavor of your coffee.

We recommend looking for models that feature a high-density filter. This will keep your espresso and other beverages nice and smooth.


In order to select the very best italian coffee maker, it is important that you look at its design and construction. An aluminum or stainless steel body will hold up well over the years through regular use. You should try to find one that works on a variety of stovetops as well. Feel free to comment below so we know what you think about our list.

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